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Do you really want to know something about me ?

I'm a software engineer with 18+ years of experience curently working as lead programmer at BlooberTeam studio in Krakow, Poland.
We develop mainly horror games for PC & consoles. Previously I'v worked as lead engine programmer in Realitypump studio (also in Krakow).

I'v designed and developed 3D engines/shaders/materials systems for following titles:

  • Rabid Dogs 2 (2003 - PC (canceled by publisher))
  • Earth 2160 (2005 - PC)
  • Two Worlds (2007 - PC, XBOX 360)
  • Two Worlds The Temptation (2009 - PC, XBOX 360)
  • Two Worlds 2 (2010 - PC, XBOX360, PS3, MAC, Linux)
  • Two Worlds 2 - POTF (2011 - PC, XBOX360, PS3, MAC, Linux)
  • IronSky: Invasion (2012 - PC, XBOX360, PS3, MAC, Linux, Android, iOS)
  • Raven's Cry (2015 - PC, MAC, Linux)

I'v designed and developed shaders/materials systems/postprocessing effects & tools for following titles:

  • Layers of Fear (2016 - PC, MAC, Linux, PS4, XBOX1)
  • Observer_ (2017 - PC, MAC, Linux, PS4, XBOX1)

I'v also made & published some small android games just for fun of doing them (for my kids mainly) ;) I was an active member of computer scene community, and co-founder of Addict Labs demoscene group, where I was (suprise) coder ;). Now at free time I'm researching some new approaches to render 3D interactive environments (in context of games creation) using ray casting on the GPU and NVIDIA CUDA technology.

... and heavy metal rulz 4 ever :)

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